Telegram has added the promised voice dialing capability of anti-tapping. So how do you call via this application?

Like WhatsApp, making phone calls on Telegram is very easy. But to taste this feature, you have to do the latest updates on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Once installed, we can immediately make a telephone call. The steps are as follows:


  • Open one of the contacts we want to call
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner
  • A number of options will appear, select Call

Or it can be done in the following way

  • From the main page, press the menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select Call
  • Tap the Call icon
  • Select contact


  • Open the contact you want to contact
  • Then tap on the contact’s name at the top
  • Call icon will appear, press the button to start calling

Telegram on iOS does not by default display the Calls tab at the bottom of the main screen. To bring it up a number of settings must be done, how:

  • Press Settings
  • Press the Recent Calls option
  • Slide the button on the Show Calls Tab

After the Calls tab appears at the bottom of the screen, we can make calls easily from here.

  • Tap the phone icon in the upper right corner
  • Search for contacts to call, instantly making calls

In addition, Telegram allows us to control every call. So that not everyone can contact you. The steps between iOS and Android are the same, namely:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Privacy and Security
  • Then choose Calls
  • Everybody, My Contacts, and Nobody options are available.

If you want to set only certain people who can be contacted or blocked, you can choose the My Contact option. Enter people who can contact in the Always Allow section, or select Never Allow to not allow the contact to contact you. May be useful.…

Batteries are an important component of any cellphone. Some vendors also recommend cell phone users to calibrate the battery to maintain the battery performance remains excellent.

Battery calibration can be done on phones running the Android or iPhone operating system. But there are several myths that surround this practice.

So, what is battery calibration? How to do it? Here’s how to calibrate the battery on an Android version without root which is summarized on:

1. What is Battery Calibration

To understand what battery calibration is you need to know how the cell phone battery works first. At present, most cellphones use lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium-polymer (Li-po) batteries.

Each cellphone battery has a smart chip that sends a signal that indicates what the current battery level is. Your Android phone receives this signal and displays it on the cellphone screen.

This smart chip tries to read how much energy is stored in the battery. For a more accurate reading, the chip must understand battery capacity. If the battery is completely empty up to 0%, then fully charged up to 100%, the chip will understand its capacity.

The more often you use your cellphone, the cellphone battery runs out and is charged at various points. This random method of using and charging can make chip readings inaccurate.

In essence, the chip and battery capacity at this point is not calibrated. To find out more accurate battery capacity, you need to do a calibration.

2. Cell Phone Battery Calibration Without Root

Battery calibration can usually be done on a rooted Android phone and uses a special application. But, if your cellphone isn’t rooted you can use the “physical” battery calibration method.

How to calibrate the battery on an Android phone without root is actually simple. First, empty the battery completely up to 0%.

Do not charge the cellphone while emptying the battery. Just leave the cellphone working until it finally turns itself off.

After the cellphone turns off, restart until it finally dies again. Even though the battery is at the 0% level, there are still a few backups stored.

In the case of a dead cellphone, the cellphone charge reaches the level of 100%. After it is completely full, unplug the charger and turn on the cellphone. The battery indicator may not show 100%, continue to charge the battery again until it reaches 100%, then unplug the charger.

One cycle of emptying the battery and filling it again to the full allows the chip to calibrate and read the battery indicator more accurately.

3. Myths About Battery Calibration

One of the myths about battery calibration that is widely believed is its benefits and functions. It is noteworthy, the benefits of battery calibration are not to increase battery life and life. Battery calibration only serves to obtain more accurate observations of battery life.

In addition, some battery calibration applications also often talk about the BatteryStats.bin file which can be found inside the Android system. Many people claim that deleting this file will improve performance and battery life, but this claim is wrong.

Google technicians have confirmed that deleting the BatteryStats.bin file has no impact on the battery level displayed or battery life.

This file only stores data about any services that use batteries when not in charge. This note is also always reset every time the battery is charged to 80% level and then removed from the charger.

Read also: how to send videos through text

4. Battery Calibration, Need or Not?

Most Android phone users do not need to calibrate the battery. Because the combination of smart chips used by the battery and Android’s smart way of reading battery statistics is more than enough to read battery capacity accurately.

This smarter algorithm and sensor can help Android phones to calibrate batteries automatically without the need to do the above. Cell phone batteries will usually be calibrated automatically once they enter “low battery” mode and then fully charged.

You can calibrate the battery if you feel the battery level displayed is inaccurate. For example, if the cellphone initially displays the remaining 30% battery but in a short period of time drops to 5% and suddenly dies, it’s a sign of a battery that is not calibrated.

You can also calibrate the battery if when the cell phone is being charged the battery can be charged up to 80-90% quickly, but once it is removed and only used for a short time, the battery immediately decreases drastically.

Or if you use a cellphone that hasn’t been used for a long time. Before using a cell phone that has been stored for months it’s good to calibrate the battery.

Battery calibration is also not recommended to be done too often. Because lithium-ion batteries are emptied to the point where they can completely reduce battery life and life.…

Don’t know the first thing about Gardening? It’s too hard to learn?

Absolute Nonsense!

Quite possibly, this is the most forgiving hobby there is. The BIG thing to remember about plants is, they will not instantly die on you. You have a lot of leeway here. Plants will alert you to the fact that something is wrong, by the sheer fact they start to look sad. This gives you time to DO something about it. Unlike most other hobbies, where, if you forget to do something – the whole project may well fall to pieces before your eyes.

Gardening, being such a popular passtime, and with all the latest alternative or organic information we have to hand, gardening as a natural science is fun to learn about and rewarding in the extreme…

Produce your own fruit and veg – do less shopping and re-introduce yourself to the taste of REAL produce.

Keep it organic!- think globally, act locally.

Stay fit and healthy with exercise and fresh air. Gardening is good for the soul too.

Spend quality time outside with the family – in the garden.

Be creative, experiment with new garden designs and plantings.

When you start gardening, a funny thing happens – you LEARN – whether you want to, or not, knowledge just seeps in and before you know it , you will find that you actually – KNOW things.

Shall we begin?

Take your time. Look at your proposed garden area, contemplate it. Do not think for a moment, that you are going to do this in a day. That will only lead to disappointment – and you may as well just go straight back inside and turn the telly on. Take a little time, do a little planning. Don’t take too long, though, keep up the enthusiasm or ideas may begin to fade.

What would you like to have in your garden? Colour, shade, somewhere to sit that is shady and colourful? Somewhere to entertain, or for the kids to play?

Something like…a….

……..butterfly patch

……..water feature, oh, nice.

……..a patch of wildflowers

……..herb garden, right near the kitchen there.

……..Gotta have a vegetable garden!

Better have a shed, too, to store your tools. Where would that be best placed? Don’t waste a sunny position for a garden shed. Sheds don’t need the sun, but your garden does!

Some garden furniture? Somewhere pleasant, like near the jasmine, or the herbs? Personally, I like to sit smack-bang in the middle, where I can see everything; and contemplate what is going on.

If you can afford it, buy your garden structures and furniture, first; and position them where you think they should be. Then create your garden around them. That is another reason I put my benches and seats in the middle – I fan out from there, giving an enormous illusion of expansion, as I go.

If you cannot afford the big stuff, to begin with – merely, leave spaces large enough for where they will go, as you acquire them; and continue with the rest..

If you are just starting out, into the world of gardening – start small. By this I mean: do as much as you are comfortable doing. If this is planting only one thing, then planting one thing is all you do. Never overdo it, as you will find your enthusiasm for the project waning, if not utterly vanishing at the thought of getting out there again. Remember – this is NOT a race!

Other things that come into this consideration are:

Are you going to invite other members of the family to ‘help’? The old adage ‘more hands make lighter work’; is certainly true, but not much fun if no-one really wants to play.

How much time do you actually have, to be playing in the garden? Are you reasonably healthy enough for the task?

The weather must be taken into consideration,too. If you are mucking about in the rain, you will actually do more damage than good – to the garden. Like-wise , if you are slogging around in a heat-wave, you will do more damage than good – to your health.

Gardening should be treated as a continuation, an evolution if you like, of your hobby, rather than a chore that has ‘gotta be done’, like painting the house, or somesuch.

Plants are continuously growing and changing the shape and feel of your garden. You can just let it grow as it will, all higgeldy-piggeldy and wild, or you can just as well hack it back when it becomes less than polite! It will come back. Gardens are very forgiving.

An uncommon secret about growing a garden is that – plants grow, whether you are there or not. It is easier to kill a plant with kindness, than it is to with neglect.…

Mike got me a new watch and it arrived today, I am so excited to wear it! Quite a few links need to come out since I have pretty small wrists. This brings my watch collection up to 4, while Mike is at close to 20. It isn’t very often that a guy has such a excitement about watches, but that would be my husband.

I will give him credit for finding them very much on sale, he has good luck at Amazon and Overstock and never spends more than a few hundred dollars for some pretty well known names. Good bargain hunting skills!…

Internet and device security threats regardless of age. Children users are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, it is important for parents to chat with their children, about the safety of surfing the internet.

The purpose of this guide is to invite adults, especially parents, to play a greater role in supervising and protecting your children, younger siblings or nieces when surfing the internet, especially when using social media (social media).

Start early

Children are now growing up in the online world. Take your time to introduce the basics of privacy and security so they understand and differentiate between what is safe and what is not.

Stay in control

Naturally, children have a high curiosity and will try many things as they get older. You can download applications or activate features that function as Parental Control on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and internet connections.

This method can filter and block inappropriate content, while controlling how much time children spend while surfing online.

Give limits

Remind children of the time they can spend surfing online, including exploring websites, playing in various applications, playing games, and exchanging messages.

Basically, ‘don’t do anything online that you don’t do yourself’. It’s important to remind children that anyone can see our social media profiles, post content that is difficult to delete, and leave a digital footprint.

Be positive

The internet is a complete resource for children to learn. Encourage children to discuss what websites they like to access, and what activities they do there.


Understand that sometimes children accidentally open inappropriate content and they can report it directly to you.

Make a deal

Choose the right time to convey the message and the rules that you make. The first day children get a smartphone or tablet, is the most appropriate moment to provide guidance on online activities that they can do.


The responsibility of adults and parents is to protect children, including protection in the online world. When your child is old enough, make sure you stay friends and follow his social media. Surely there will be rejection in the beginning. But, make this one of the requirements so they can get internet access.


Follow the agreed rules. That is, no one can open a smartphone, laptop or tablet, including not allowed to send electronic messages while having breakfast or dinner together. Or if forced to do it, explain to children, some rules can be applied differently to adults.…

Pitch Perfect 3 | Own & Watch Pitch Perfect 3 | Universal Pictures

I hope you don’t have plans this Saturday afternoon.  Barbecue?  Going to the lake?  Birthday party?  Cancel it.

You can party at home while watching The Perfect 3 on Cooking Channel.  The host is Kelsey Nixon, the guest star is me.

The show airs this Saturday, May 26, at 2:30 PM Eastern. I think I’m only on for a few minutes towards the end of the show. I won a recipe contest a few months ago to appear on the show with Kelsey and make my winning recipe – Golden Finocchio Sausage White Pizza.

It’s a really good pizza!  I wish I had some right now.  The pizza dough is made from bread flour, whole wheat flour and cornmeal; the cornmeal makes the crust nice and crispy.  This is a white pizza recipe, so I used ricotta and mozzarella cheese for the toppings, along with Italian sausage, baby golden tomatoes, caramelized fennel & onions, lemon zest and fresh basil.

You must watch the show so you know all of the secrets of this great pizza.  Come on, it’ll be fun.  You can invite your friends over, have some pizza, have some wine, and watch me be dorky on television.  I wish I had a web cam so I could watch it with my folks back home.  Hmm maybe I could order one and have it shipped before Saturday…

This show was a lot more relaxed than Ultimate Recipe Showdown.  There was no competition, interviews, or $25,000 on the line.  Cooking Channel flew me to New York City for a day to film.  The studio wasn’t in Chelsea Market where Food Network and Cooking Channel is located; it was a smaller studio located in lower Manhattan.

I relaxed in the green room and chatted with the producers and Kelsey for a little while. Kelsey is very sweet and down to earth. I actually met her a few years ago on another trip to New York City. True story, I just went back and read that post, and the picture of Eric with pulled pork in his mouth made me lol.

Anyway, Kelsey remembered me from that trip and asked about my blog!  I was flattered.  She’s a busy woman with several shows and food gigs.  She’s also very tiny.  She’s the shortest, smallest, cutest little woman that you ever did see.

This is a picture of me admiring her.

I was pretty nervous about the filming, but it all went smoothly.  And fast!  We really only filmed for a few minutes and… we didn’t actually make my pizza.  The Cooking Channel test kitchen had already prepared the pizza and measured out the ingredients for us to assemble another one on camera.
Before I knew it, it was all over and time to go home. The show was easy, relaxed, and a lot of fun. Thank you to Cooking Channel for picking my recipe in their contest!

Speaking of Cooking Channel, I now get to watch it in Chicago!  My TV is always on Cooking Channel – I love it.  There’s always something on that I want to watch.  I love watching Nigella, Giada, Kelsey, T Flo, Laura Calder, Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos, Unique Sweets & Eats, and my friend Brigitte Nguyen.  There’s only one show/host I don’t care for, and if you watch Cooking Channel, I bet you know who.

What’s your favorite show on Cooking Channel?…

BIN1301 DC - HomeI wanted to give Jenna and Beka their compliments in a separate post. But I also wanted to give Bin Wine War its props. Bin has only been open a few months and I knew we wanted to try it for happy hour. Bin is female owned and focuses on small plates and a unique wine list.

I got there a few minutes before Jenna and Beka arrived and spent some time perusing the wine list and small plates. I decided on a Makulu Pinotage from South Africa for a glass of wine. The pinotage was fruity but had a nice full flavor, I would order this again.

When the girls got there we opted on a cheese plate and a meat plate to share among the three of us

And we coudn’t forget dessert, and heavenly it was. 3 homemade butterscotch chocolate chip cookies and a HUGE truffle.

I will be visiting again shortly! We had good wine, great services and even better conversations.…

Those who are able to achieve higher yields on their investments typically don’t have a broker and don’t listen to the advice of a financial planner. After all, if either of them knew what they were talking about they wouldn’t be hustling others into allowing them to learn the trade game off of other people’s money.

The reality is the few that have gained a comprehension for seeking out and getting involved with trades that open the floodgates to massive profits use their own money and operate as part of a small, tight knit group. The members of this ‘group’ always have their feelers out like tentacles sucking up and analyzing potential transactions, immediately looking for strategic elements and immediately dumping 99% as they don’t meet the criteria.

Two major components that professional investors who use their own money and are able to consistently pick winning transactions are companies that are in merger and/or acquisition mode and companies that are seeking seed capital specifically to go public.

Let’s focus on the latter. Companies seeking seed capital to go public are often financially viable companies with modest liquidity but are taking on seed investors so that they can meet the SEC minimum criteria of having 40 investors on the books to qualify for going public. Investors that are able to, literally, make millions per transaction have a way of getting into these opportunities by connecting with consultants who take companies public.

If you are able to get involved with these consulting firms and if you have some capital to designate as a seed investor, you can literally be placed in 4,5 or even 6+ pre IPO investments per year. When you are one of the 40 investors in a pre public OTCBB corporation you are usually investing seed capital at a fraction of the future public price by way of DPO (Direct Public Offering). The difference between what you pay for the seed stock and what the company charges per share when public is the profit.

It isn’t at all out of the ordinary to buy seed stock at 50 cents and have that stock gain in value of $1.00 to $1.50 when the company goes public and yes, you just made 50 cents to $1.00 net profit on each share. The great thing is you can often invest as a seed investor with as little as $5,000 to $10,000. If you have more capital you can spread it out over multiple pre-IPO opportunities. Seek out the pre- public companies and make a fortune!

For Corporate Turnaround Services or Take Your Company Public, call Princeton Corporate Solutions at 267-233-0183Take Your Company Public the easy way!…

Over the past few days I have had a similar conversation with 4 different girlfriend; body image. All of the discussions have focused on being healthy and achieving goals. No matter where someone is in their fitness journey they all have some of the same fears- failure. It makes me sad to see so many people struggle with body image and feelings of insecurity. Being healthy can be really hard but it is attainable! I know everyone has the ability to get to their end goal.

At happy hour last night with my friend Adrianne, we spent about 30 minutes talking about being happy and healthy. I shared my philosophy of eating what I want when I want but in moderation. Fruits and veggies are things I love and want to eat but if  I want a serving of chips or chocolate  I have it. Nothing is off limits, ever. I fit it in and do my best to live a healthy life. To me, that healthy life means going to the gym, doing yoga, lifting weights, eating whole foods and having the occasional treat.

Size doesn’t matter, it is how you feel.  I have seen women in the blog world talk about how they feel “heavy” at an “average” weight.  Really? I just do not understand that mentality. I try really hard to not engage in negative body talk and to just live my life while being healthy.  I am the happiest  I have been in years in all aspects of my life! I feel healthy, I like the way I look and I love that I have been working out consistently for almost 10 years.

In order to keep on my healthy plan I got a great workout in this morning, 30 minutes and 5 miles on the elliptical and a pretty intense leg workout of


-Leg Curls

-Leg Extension

-Leg Press

-Calf Raises

-Hamstring Curl

After my workout I grabbed the Smoothie of the Day Special at the gym. Today’s flavor was Raspberry Blueberry Ultimate Protein, pretty darn tasty.…

To keep up with the busy day I had a quick lunch at my desk while wrapping a few things up. A packed of Hickory Smoked Tuna, some radishes and a Pistachio Lara Bar. Quick and easy, and it will keep me pretty full for the afternoon.

Mike is picked me up at 4:30 and we are getting on the road to Wisconsin!…