Bin Wine Bar

BIN1301 DC - HomeI wanted to give Jenna and Beka their compliments in a separate post. But I also wanted to give Bin Wine War its props. Bin has only been open a few months and I knew we wanted to try it for happy hour. Bin is female owned and focuses on small plates and a unique wine list.

I got there a few minutes before Jenna and Beka arrived and spent some time perusing the wine list and small plates. I decided on a Makulu Pinotage from South Africa for a glass of wine. The pinotage was fruity but had a nice full flavor, I would order this again.

When the girls got there we opted on a cheese plate and a meat plate to share among the three of us

And we coudn’t forget dessert, and heavenly it was. 3 homemade butterscotch chocolate chip cookies and a HUGE truffle.

I will be visiting again shortly! We had good wine, great services and even better conversations.