Country Gardening Tips: Community Gardens

March 12, 2021 by No Comments

Community gardens are a great way to save money, improve your life and share the load of gardening responsibilities. From garden planning to freezing and canning, gardening as a group is a smart idea.

Save Money

It’s a well-known fact that gardening reduces the tab at grocery stores. Participation in community gardens can also save money in your local garden center and when shopping through gardening catalogs. By sharing the costs of tools, supplies and seeds, the group can take greater advantage of bulk purchasing, sales on more expensive items, special purchases and shipping costs. Special offers are often a help in catering to member tastes for certain fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many community garden groups share magazine subscriptions and pool personal recipes into a fundraising cookbook to further reduce costs.

Improve Your Life

Tending community gardens alongside your neighbors eases the stress of loneliness. The fresh air and exercise involved in gardening can reduce blood pressure, balance blood sugar and improve circulation, all of which contribute to general well-being and ease the debilitating symptoms of various health conditions. Some beds can be elevated to table height or containers placed on tables, to accommodate wheelchairs, back pain, hernias and other issues. Hand tool handles can be adapted in many ways for those who cannot grip typical handle shapes, due to arthritis, autism or cerebral palsy. Eating locally and organically grown produce will reduce your exposure to toxic agricultural chemicals, thus sparing your nervous system, liver and kidneys, among others.

Share the Load

Building, sowing, watering and weeding can all add up quickly on the shoulders of a lone country gardener. However, divide these tasks among a group of neighbors and it’s no longer a burden, but a time of togetherness. For those who cannot complete certain tasks, others can help fill in those gaps. Members of community gardens share the load of harvesting, preservation by canning, freezing or dehydrating, as well as cleaning and preparing the gardens for winter and spring. Some groups hold harvest festivals, with music, games, awards and feasts. Visit my profile for more Country Gardening Tips.