The Perfect 3

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I hope you don’t have plans this Saturday afternoon.  Barbecue?  Going to the lake?  Birthday party?  Cancel it.

You can party at home while watching The Perfect 3 on Cooking Channel.  The host is Kelsey Nixon, the guest star is me.

The show airs this Saturday, May 26, at 2:30 PM Eastern. I think I’m only on for a few minutes towards the end of the show. I won a recipe contest a few months ago to appear on the show with Kelsey and make my winning recipe – Golden Finocchio Sausage White Pizza.

It’s a really good pizza!  I wish I had some right now.  The pizza dough is made from bread flour, whole wheat flour and cornmeal; the cornmeal makes the crust nice and crispy.  This is a white pizza recipe, so I used ricotta and mozzarella cheese for the toppings, along with Italian sausage, baby golden tomatoes, caramelized fennel & onions, lemon zest and fresh basil.

You must watch the show so you know all of the secrets of this great pizza.  Come on, it’ll be fun.  You can invite your friends over, have some pizza, have some wine, and watch me be dorky on television.  I wish I had a web cam so I could watch it with my folks back home.  Hmm maybe I could order one and have it shipped before Saturday…

This show was a lot more relaxed than Ultimate Recipe Showdown.  There was no competition, interviews, or $25,000 on the line.  Cooking Channel flew me to New York City for a day to film.  The studio wasn’t in Chelsea Market where Food Network and Cooking Channel is located; it was a smaller studio located in lower Manhattan.

I relaxed in the green room and chatted with the producers and Kelsey for a little while. Kelsey is very sweet and down to earth. I actually met her a few years ago on another trip to New York City. True story, I just went back and read that post, and the picture of Eric with pulled pork in his mouth made me lol.

Anyway, Kelsey remembered me from that trip and asked about my blog!  I was flattered.  She’s a busy woman with several shows and food gigs.  She’s also very tiny.  She’s the shortest, smallest, cutest little woman that you ever did see.

This is a picture of me admiring her.

I was pretty nervous about the filming, but it all went smoothly.  And fast!  We really only filmed for a few minutes and… we didn’t actually make my pizza.  The Cooking Channel test kitchen had already prepared the pizza and measured out the ingredients for us to assemble another one on camera.
Before I knew it, it was all over and time to go home. The show was easy, relaxed, and a lot of fun. Thank you to Cooking Channel for picking my recipe in their contest!

Speaking of Cooking Channel, I now get to watch it in Chicago!  My TV is always on Cooking Channel – I love it.  There’s always something on that I want to watch.  I love watching Nigella, Giada, Kelsey, T Flo, Laura Calder, Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos, Unique Sweets & Eats, and my friend Brigitte Nguyen.  There’s only one show/host I don’t care for, and if you watch Cooking Channel, I bet you know who.

What’s your favorite show on Cooking Channel?