That’s a good question and this article aims to provide an answer.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before jumping head first into building your own PC.

The processor is one of the most important parts of your PC and you need to think about what you’re going to be doing with it before you decide to build or buy a PC.

So how much speed do you need?

Will you be doing graphic design work?

Do you just need your regular desktop PC for email and surfing the web?

There are various different processor speeds, so it might pay to do some research on what your needs are.

Will you be using a standard motherboard?

Or will you be choosing a custom-built motherboard?

There are lots of different kinds out there.

You’ll find that some of them are more compatible with certain operating systems than others are.

So when you are shopping for a motherboard, check the specifications carefully and see if it will work on your system.

This way, you’ll be sure to get the best motherboard for your needs.

How much memory do you need?

If you’re planning to use the computer for gameplay, then you’ll probably want as much memory as possible.

If you’re just using it to store personal files, then you probably don’t need as much memory.

The RAM is probably the most expensive part of the computer, so you should get as much as you can afford.

What kind of motherboards do you need?

There are basically three main types – socket ATX, Crosspoint, and PCI Express.

Each one has its pros and cons, depending on what you need it for.

For example, an ATX motherboard is the cheapest you can get, but there are only standard sockets for it.

If you want an “intrinsically-made” motherboard, you might have a hard time finding one.

Crosspoint is the most popular option.

It is a little cheaper than an ATX motherboard, but it doesn’t have the full PCI express port.

You will need the additional ports for PCI bus-based audio cards, video cards, Wi-Fi, and so on.

You can save quite a bit of money if you opt for this kind of motherboard.

If you can’t afford to spend the money on a Crosspoint motherboard, you might still be able to build your own PC.

All you need to do is purchase a good RAM chip and a good CPU.

Another option is to use a socket motherboard.

These come with all the necessary ports, except for the Ethernet port.

This means you won’t have to buy the extra hardware you need to add to your PC, like the Wi-Fi card or a USB Ethernet adapter.

Socket motherboards are usually faster than the Crosspoint models, which can make them a great choice.

Is it cheaper to build your own PC?

You’ll find that it is if you don’t mind a few extra dollars in the long run.

The extra money should be used to save for that shiny new CPU and graphics card you’ve been wanting.

The best way to find out how much it is cheaper to build your own PC is to try it out yourself.

There are plenty of guides available online for free that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

When you start out, though, you’ll probably want to go for one of the older, less expensive options.

It’s probably just easier to go for the simpler (and probably cheaper) option.

When you do build your own PC, though, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

The first is the motherboard.

You need to choose between an AMD Athlon motherboard, an Intel Pentium motherboard, or a separate Motherboard with integrated graphics.

The reason for this is because you’ll need to buy the motherboard separately from any other components.

While it isn’t the most important part of your computer, it’s one of the most expensive.

You’ll also need a processor (usually an Intel Celeron Processor), a hard drive (usually a Western Digital WDTVTP), RAM (preferably an installed Samsung SGHID2 RAM), optical drives (preferably DVD burners), and then hard drives (as many as you can afford).

If you have problems getting these parts at your local computer store, try looking for them online at eBay, in some cases, you’ll be able to get them for free if you spend a certain amount of money.

Once you have all these parts, you’ll be ready to build your PC.

If you’re new to computers, you’ll probably want to use Cheap Windows VPS to build your PC, rather than Linux or Mac.

This is because Windows has programs built right into it that make it extremely easy to build a PC.

All you’ll need to do is download the appropriate Windows program, install it, then let it create your computer.

When finished, you can connect your computer to the internet and download any necessary software.…

So… How much do DJs make in a year?

In the world of professional DJ’s the amount they earn can vary greatly depending on how much they want to make.

It all really depends on what kind of nightclubs they are operating in and how many shows they play.

The more clubs they perform at and the more shows they make, the more money they make.

It really doesn’t depend on how long they’ve been working for a company or what their name is actually that makes the difference when it comes to making money from home.

A good way to get an estimate on how much you could be earning is to get yourself a good calendar and markdown when you go to clubs as well as other events.

Then put in the amount you earned for that particular month.

Once you have this mark, it should give you a general idea of how much you are making.

You should also include the money you spent on drinks and food in your calculations.

You don’t need to make a ton of money to be able to enjoy yourself; if you take a couple of vacations you should find that you’ve actually made quite a bit of money for that little bit of time.

If you have a college education, you can always look into scholarships or financial aid for furthering your studies.

This will help you even out the money you are making plus it will enable you to invest in yourself further.

If you are a straightforward type of person, you can always use your skills to start a club or DJ’s equipment rental business of your own.

This will allow you to have control over all aspects of your business.

You can increase the amount you charge per night by adding different services such as a bar and appetizers.

This means that you won’t need as much money to get started but it will take some effort and time to build up.

When starting out you must always make sure to keep your overhead costs down to a minimum.

This will prevent you from spending too much money and not being able to reinvest what you make back into your business.

The best way to do this is to only take money for services that you can personally afford to provide.

You never want to waste money on items that are overpriced because you are required to have them.

One year as a professional DJ is just enough for most people so make sure you only take on jobs that meet your budget.

As a DJ you will also be responsible for making your parties or other events exciting.

One of the ways you can make sure you make a profit is to get your equipment from reputable manufacturers.

You need to check with your local authorities to see who the maximum amount is that you can take away from the company.

If you are planning to travel around more than a couple of times a year, you may want to consider the option of being a traveling DJ.

This can really help you take advantage of promotions and reduce the amount of time you spend traveling.

If you plan to travel often, you should ask yourself how much you can afford to spend on a lifestyle such as this.

Although it is possible to make a substantial amount of money, it can take a lot of hard work and dedication.

Another question that most people wonder about is “How much do DJs make a year?”.

Although this can vary depending on the location and how many clubs you go to, you will never make a penny if you don’t get paid.

You can work online to find out what club owners are paying in order to get you to play at their place.

There are also websites that you can sign up for where you can view offers from DJs.

These can be quite lucrative, as you can get paid to play at parties and events all over the world.

Finding out how much do DJs make a year can be simple if you use the internet and search for online jobs.

Headphones test!

These jobs can pay a lot more than the ads say they will.

You can make extra money from driving or babysitting to help out your family, or you can even become a DJ if you want to.

The internet is a great resource for information on all kinds of careers, and if you know someone who needs a job, this can be an excellent way to get hired without having to rely on connections.…

The real-time strategy genre of games seems to be at something of a crossroads.

While the relentlessly clonelike feel of many of the Command and Conquer spinoffs of a few years back has thankfully lessened, the number of truly innovative games seems to be waning, as well.

The baseline quality of these games is rising, but on the other hand, the creativity and simplicity that are both required for a truly great title seem to be lacking.

From the creativity (and concomitant complexity) of Empire Earth to the unabashedly derivative Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, recent entries seem to be searching for that magical “something” – that balance, that vision, that story – that made Homeworld and Starcraft so memorable.

One of the earliest developers to explore the genre, and one many (mistakenly) believe to have originated it, is Blizzard Entertainment.

Warcraft II is a game known to practically every computer gamer alive over the age of 20, and its follow-up, Starcraft, established a fan base that even now – four years after its release – is simply unbelievable.

With every release Blizzard has further cemented themselves as the genre’s 500-lb. gorilla, and the fan reaction to their newest work, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, hasn’t been so much a question of whether it’ll be worth buying so much as if they’ll be glad they bought it afterward.

The game was destined to be a smash hit, failure or not—the question really is, will Blizzard keep it up, or will they stumble down the lonely road to obscurity Lucasarts paved a few years back?

“Difficult to see the future is,” maybe, but all the same it seems likely that Warcraft III will continue to strengthen Blizzard’s stature among gamers.

While it’s not particularly revolutionary, Warcraft III is still a potent mix of characterization, gameplay, and balance, something close to the pc version of Warpath.

It’s almost good enough to make even discussing its merits and flaws such a waste of time, in fact, since it’s effectively covering so much familiar ground.

For those of you who didn’t already know what you were getting into, however…

Set 13 years after the events in Warcraft II’s expansion pack, Through the Dark Portal, the game starts in an idyllic human camp, with two longtime friends joking with one another.

The story that the game goes on to tell from such a humble start is truly epic, and destruction, betrayal, and revenge are recurring themes throughout the piece.

With yet another nod to Tolkein, the game insists on leaving nothing in the game world as it was before the start of the story, and it leaves the player feeling like he or she has actually gone from place to place with the game.

Hoping to improve on the success of Starcraft’s three balanced sides, there are now four playable sides, with the fifth group of powerful villains only usable by the AI.

The two new sides, the Undead Scourge and the Night Elves, both have elements of the Protoss and Zerg to them, and while special care has been given to each race to make them more unique (gone are the identical human footmen and orc grunts,) they still don’t feel as distinct as Starcraft’s Big Three.

While each race rewards particular styles of play, they just don’t require it the way the earlier game did.

The interface, as mentioned above, remains essentially unchanged from earlier games.

Left-click selects, right-click for action, and no groups larger than twelve.

However, whereas previous Blizzard RTS installments tried to continually increase the size of the armies one could field, Warcraft III stands as a stark departure from this trend.

Past armies of forty, one’s economy is penalized, and nobody can field a basic army of ninety units all told.

When compared to Starcraft’s 200 units, the look and feel of Warcraft III is a definite shift towards the individual.

This shift is most strongly felt in the nature of the individual units in combat.

Many units have special abilities, and while some of those abilities can be auto-activated (such as the human priests’ heal skill,) the majority of them must be individually triggered.

These potentially game-changing special abilities, coupled with certain high-damage, low-hit point heroes, make micromanagement more important to this game than to any Blizzard product before it with the possible exception of the Diablo games.

The story is a grim, sweeping tale of otherworldly, demonic invaders told through 32 missions almost evenly divided among the four sides.

As mentioned above, betrayal, deceit, and revenge are rife, and for having as friendly, almost cartoony a look as the game does, the single-player campaign is chillingly serious.

This gives the game a certain lopsidedly disarming quality; as dark as some of the settings get, one can still click like mad on one character and earn a bizarrely hilarious response.

While smaller developers have tried more extreme measures to attract attention to their games, like the Kohan series’ tactical gameplay innovations and Battle Realms’ surreal game world, one thing that stands out about Warcraft III in many ways is how very straightforward it is.

The game world is established, the interface is tried and true, the off-the-wall sense of humor remains, and the 3D graphics are still familiar.

At the same time, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this isn’t really all that different a game from the previous entries, and not necessarily the best.

If you have the desire to return to a land where orcs were green, the skeletons were white, and elves occasionally came in purple, it’s tough not to recommend it.

It’s probably already in every RTS fan’s library anyway, and it should be.

Blizzard has done it again!…

Do you want to earn money through a website? With the right approach, you can make plenty of profits with a well constructed site, however it is something that is very mush easier said than done. Starting on this path means getting the best tool to build your website with. Site Build It or SBI is one such tool that has the potential to help you create a profit pulling website by giving literally giving you the keys to success. Having a website is easy to achieve, having a website that converts traffic into sales is a different thing entirely. If you have a website that is failing to convert then you are wasting your time. With Site Build It, you’ll get help every step of the way, all the way to the creation of your website. With Site Build It, your chances of profits with your site are highly increased. This article is an honest review of Site Build It and compares it to the other website creation programs and tools available out there.

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The process is simple, but if you find yourself struggling along the way, Site Build It comes complete with video tutorials to offer further explanations. Try finding that kind of help with any other site builder. Particularly in the early stages of site creation those tutorials can be a great advantage. Even old pros will find some helpful reminders and maybe a few things they never thought of either. SBI is really a program for everyone. You can share ideas or request further help on the Site Build It forums. All questions receive an answer here; knowledgeable and qualified Site Build It members provide you with crucial information. In addition to this, what’s unique about this service is that it is the only web host that gives you everything you need to rank high in the search engines. SBI’s dedicated service-oriented members quite literally take you in hand, guiding you one step at a time through the process-even seeing your tasks through to completion and submitting your Web pages. Site Build It will automatically analyze all your pages, bit by bit, and will give you any suggestions you need to help you make your content better.

With Site Build It, you’ll be able to to ensure the success of your professional looking website and your business. Now, you’ll still have to put in a little work to get the results you need, but you can take a lot of the work off your shoulders if you get Site Build It.

With Site Build It, I created a K Swiss Sneakers site. With Site Build It, the possibilities are endless, read more on K Swiss Sneakers site.…

Trusted ID has been a pioneer in the identity theft protection trade since it started way back in 2005. It is so highly regarded in their line of work that it is one of the only two recognized by the Identity Theft Resource Center, a group stanch in the security against identity theft. Its team has highly qualified and knowledgeable people in the identity and credit security trade.

At present, it offers two excellent products, the IDFreeze and Data Breach Response Service. IDfreeze provides security against identity theft or suitable assistance if such theft has already taken place. The next product which is Data Breach Response Service is more inclined towards businesses, helping them in keeping essential information or salvaging them if in case they are taken.

What are the features which makes trusted ID so unique? First, the fraud alert reminder puts an alert in your credit report if you are susceptible to fraud so that you may be contacted whenever a credit wants to be taken in your name. This makes it hard for others to obtain credit by using your name and without your authorization.

Second, it has what is referred to as an identity threat score which estimates your weakness to fraud and identity theft. It uses advanced technology to find out if you most probably will be or have in actuality become a prey for fraud or identity theft.

Another feature is that it is also very effective in preventing spam. Often times, credit card businesses can see your credit reports and then they would send you offer regarding their business. This service can eliminate this problem by removing your information from the list of the solicitors and at the same time stop other people from accessing your private information.

Warranty. It also provides a one million dollars worth of warranty in the occasion that you have been subjected to identity theft during the time of the service. This is ample enough to bear expenses to help you recover and start all over again. Salaries which have been lost may also be remunerated up to the amount of five thousand dollars or wages up to four weeks worth. This could be a great confidence booster to obtaining their services.

It also has a family plan which can protect each family member for a very reasonably priced charge. This is great for large families as it saves a lot of money especially when there are a lot of family members who call for identity and credit security.

Credit Lock. Another unique feature is a service called Credit Lock which facilitates putting your credit on hold or freeze so that no person can access it. This is necessary especially when other persons have already gained possession of your very important credit information. You can only reopen it by contacting the company itself. It also has superb customer service accessible any time of the day. It has very able and committed workforce which is always standing by to give you the professional assistance that you need.

It can also provide you with a discount as well as various payment schemes to suit your budget. Therefore, if you feel that you really need this kind of security, then there is no better company which can provide it than trusted ID. Over nine million people a year have fallen victim to identity theft, do not be part of this statistics and protect yourself now!

Trusted ID has gone rampant these days and you never know who’s going to be the next victim. To prepare yourself from this unscrupulous crime, you should try identity theft insurance to keep your peace of mind. Or you may want to try LifeLock reviews.…

Telegram has added the promised voice dialing capability of anti-tapping. So how do you call via this application?

Like WhatsApp, making phone calls on Telegram is very easy. But to taste this feature, you have to do the latest updates on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Once installed, we can immediately make a telephone call. The steps are as follows:


  • Open one of the contacts we want to call
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner
  • A number of options will appear, select Call

Or it can be done in the following way

  • From the main page, press the menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select Call
  • Tap the Call icon
  • Select contact


  • Open the contact you want to contact
  • Then tap on the contact’s name at the top
  • Call icon will appear, press the button to start calling

Telegram on iOS does not by default display the Calls tab at the bottom of the main screen. To bring it up a number of settings must be done, how:

  • Press Settings
  • Press the Recent Calls option
  • Slide the button on the Show Calls Tab

After the Calls tab appears at the bottom of the screen, we can make calls easily from here.

  • Tap the phone icon in the upper right corner
  • Search for contacts to call, instantly making calls

In addition, Telegram allows us to control every call. So that not everyone can contact you. The steps between iOS and Android are the same, namely:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Privacy and Security
  • Then choose Calls
  • Everybody, My Contacts, and Nobody options are available.

If you want to set only certain people who can be contacted or blocked, you can choose the My Contact option. Enter people who can contact in the Always Allow section, or select Never Allow to not allow the contact to contact you. May be useful.…

Batteries are an important component of any cellphone. Some vendors also recommend cell phone users to calibrate the battery to maintain the battery performance remains excellent.

Battery calibration can be done on phones running the Android or iPhone operating system. But there are several myths that surround this practice.

So, what is battery calibration? How to do it? Here’s how to calibrate the battery on an Android version without root which is summarized on:

1. What is Battery Calibration

To understand what battery calibration is you need to know how the cell phone battery works first. At present, most cellphones use lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium-polymer (Li-po) batteries.

Each cellphone battery has a smart chip that sends a signal that indicates what the current battery level is. Your Android phone receives this signal and displays it on the cellphone screen.

This smart chip tries to read how much energy is stored in the battery. For a more accurate reading, the chip must understand battery capacity. If the battery is completely empty up to 0%, then fully charged up to 100%, the chip will understand its capacity.

The more often you use your cellphone, the cellphone battery runs out and is charged at various points. This random method of using and charging can make chip readings inaccurate.

In essence, the chip and battery capacity at this point is not calibrated. To find out more accurate battery capacity, you need to do a calibration.

2. Cell Phone Battery Calibration Without Root

Battery calibration can usually be done on a rooted Android phone and uses a special application. But, if your cellphone isn’t rooted you can use the “physical” battery calibration method.

How to calibrate the battery on an Android phone without root is actually simple. First, empty the battery completely up to 0%.

Do not charge the cellphone while emptying the battery. Just leave the cellphone working until it finally turns itself off.

After the cellphone turns off, restart until it finally dies again. Even though the battery is at the 0% level, there are still a few backups stored.

In the case of a dead cellphone, the cellphone charge reaches the level of 100%. After it is completely full, unplug the charger and turn on the cellphone. The battery indicator may not show 100%, continue to charge the battery again until it reaches 100%, then unplug the charger.

One cycle of emptying the battery and filling it again to the full allows the chip to calibrate and read the battery indicator more accurately.

3. Myths About Battery Calibration

One of the myths about battery calibration that is widely believed is its benefits and functions. It is noteworthy, the benefits of battery calibration are not to increase battery life and life. Battery calibration only serves to obtain more accurate observations of battery life.

In addition, some battery calibration applications also often talk about the BatteryStats.bin file which can be found inside the Android system. Many people claim that deleting this file will improve performance and battery life, but this claim is wrong.

Google technicians have confirmed that deleting the BatteryStats.bin file has no impact on the battery level displayed or battery life.

This file only stores data about any services that use batteries when not in charge. This note is also always reset every time the battery is charged to 80% level and then removed from the charger.

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4. Battery Calibration, Need or Not?

Most Android phone users do not need to calibrate the battery. Because the combination of smart chips used by the battery and Android’s smart way of reading battery statistics is more than enough to read battery capacity accurately.

This smarter algorithm and sensor can help Android phones to calibrate batteries automatically without the need to do the above. Cell phone batteries will usually be calibrated automatically once they enter “low battery” mode and then fully charged.

You can calibrate the battery if you feel the battery level displayed is inaccurate. For example, if the cellphone initially displays the remaining 30% battery but in a short period of time drops to 5% and suddenly dies, it’s a sign of a battery that is not calibrated.

You can also calibrate the battery if when the cell phone is being charged the battery can be charged up to 80-90% quickly, but once it is removed and only used for a short time, the battery immediately decreases drastically.

Or if you use a cellphone that hasn’t been used for a long time. Before using a cell phone that has been stored for months it’s good to calibrate the battery.

Battery calibration is also not recommended to be done too often. Because lithium-ion batteries are emptied to the point where they can completely reduce battery life and life.…

Internet and device security threats regardless of age. Children users are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, it is important for parents to chat with their children, about the safety of surfing the internet.

The purpose of this guide is to invite adults, especially parents, to play a greater role in supervising and protecting your children, younger siblings or nieces when surfing the internet, especially when using social media (social media).

Start early

Children are now growing up in the online world. Take your time to introduce the basics of privacy and security so they understand and differentiate between what is safe and what is not.

Stay in control

Naturally, children have a high curiosity and will try many things as they get older. You can download applications or activate features that function as Parental Control on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and internet connections.

This method can filter and block inappropriate content, while controlling how much time children spend while surfing online.

Give limits

Remind children of the time they can spend surfing online, including exploring websites, playing in various applications, playing games, and exchanging messages.

Basically, ‘don’t do anything online that you don’t do yourself’. It’s important to remind children that anyone can see our social media profiles, post content that is difficult to delete, and leave a digital footprint.

Be positive

The internet is a complete resource for children to learn. Encourage children to discuss what websites they like to access, and what activities they do there.


Understand that sometimes children accidentally open inappropriate content and they can report it directly to you.

Make a deal

Choose the right time to convey the message and the rules that you make. The first day children get a smartphone or tablet, is the most appropriate moment to provide guidance on online activities that they can do.


The responsibility of adults and parents is to protect children, including protection in the online world. When your child is old enough, make sure you stay friends and follow his social media. Surely there will be rejection in the beginning. But, make this one of the requirements so they can get internet access.


Follow the agreed rules. That is, no one can open a smartphone, laptop or tablet, including not allowed to send electronic messages while having breakfast or dinner together. Or if forced to do it, explain to children, some rules can be applied differently to adults.…